Ukulele Kids Club UK

All the proceeds raised from the auction of our amazing ukuleles will be donated directly to the Ukulele Kids Club UK and in turn will be giving Ukuleles to hospitalised children.

Ukulele Kids Club UK is the UK based fundraising campaign for Ukulele Kids Club Inc. the purpose of this campaign is to donate ukuleles to hospitalised children in the United Kingdom.

Every penny of the funds received through their giving page, will be reserved specifically for children’s hospitals and wards in the United Kingdom and go directly to providing them with ukuleles.

Working with the art/music therapists, play specialists and teachers at children’s hospitals around the nation, kids will be given ukuleles to play, they will learn during their therapy and play sessions, then keep the ukuleles to enjoy as a gift of “Music for Life”.

“I felt that this would be a fantastic cause to support with this project, the whole idea was to create a world of fun and mistery around the Ukulele, to show people what a beautiful instrument it is!

It was a big no-brainer for all the artists involved, they were all incredibly keen to put their skills to good use. Helping kids in hospital should be at the top of everybodies to do list!”

Ricci Masero – Stringit & Strumit